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Use Instagram To Promote Your Business Using These 5 Easy Tips

Social media is now one of the most useful tools at your disposal in order to promote your brand and in turn, drive your business forward.

Instagram has become a really popular platform for consumers and businesses alike because of its functionality, simplicity, and remarkable features that many other platforms don’t have. Cultivating a successful Instagram marketing strategy is now essential in order to succeed. It is a simple yet effective way in which you can connect, sell products, and grow a following that previously didn’t exist.

Below we highlight the most effective ideas of how to use Instagram as part of your marketing strategy.

Engage Directly With Your Community By Asking For Input

Simple questions in posts or stories asking what your followers want to see next can go a long way for furthering sales. This is one of the major advantages social media has over the more traditional forms of communication.

Use Hashtags

Some experts believe that just by the use of hashtags, a brand can thrive in the world of social media. With this in mind, it’s important to experiment and take inspiration from Twitter and use them whenever posting on Instagram. Be careful not to overuse, however, as this can actually turn a positive into a negative.

Use Instagram Stories For Feedback

This is a trend that you can utilize in order to really gauge what your consumer-base wants to see from you as a brand. You can create polls to ask your followers directly about their opinions on specific topics, whether this be the launch of a new product or what type of deal they would like to see next, which makes this feature an invaluable tool for feedback.

Use Swipe-Up

This feature has been called a “game-changer” for brands and influencers on Instagram as followers can access links direct from Instagram stories that promote specific products, content, or signup pages. This feature is only available for verified accounts or accounts with over 10,000 followers, however, so if you want to use this feature but need a boost to your followers, Boost Social can certainly help with that! Follow this link:

Consider A Collaboration

Brand collaborations on Instagram are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to grow your following and promote your brand online. This is where brands team up to create a product offering that works across their combined audiences. For example, a clothing brand could team up with a jewellery brand and offer a discount on items purchased together.

By using a combination of these 5 simple tips, your Instagram social media marketing plan should really generate results and drive your brand forward to the next level.

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