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Top “Tweetspiration” Ideas For Your Brand To Boost Engagement And Sales

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Needing a little Tweetspiratin? We got you covered in our helpful guide of our top ideas to boost engagement and ultimately sales for your brand.

Twitter Polls. Ask your audience to weigh in on a topic by tweeting a Twitter Poll. Easy!

Trending topics. Simply take a look at what is currently trending and tweet about it. This will instantly connect your brand to what is currently in conversation on the platform.

Market a product. This one really is so simple and will always help promote your brand and increase sales. Just tweet a photo of your product, announce new product lines or talk about how your product is a must-buy.

Spotlight. People love hearing insider tips and seeing who's behind the screen, so why not spotlight a member of the team? This could even be you or the founder of your brand.

Feedback. Some of your best ideas can come straight from your customers, so be sure to ask for some feedback from your audience by asking what they love most (and dislike most!) about your products, and any suggestions they have.

Share news. Keep this one to subjects within your industry and simply share an article about what you find interesting. Tag the author and ask your followers for their opinions.

Contest. Here is a chance to have some fun with your audience by starting a friendly Twitter competition. This could mean asking people to post a creative or funny photo of themselves using your product for example. The best one wins!

Tutorial. Show your customers how easy-to-use your products or services are. This is especially useful for less-intuitive ideas and is a great idea for a video Tweet!

Achievements. Are you celebrating a work anniversary or maybe you have recently hit a benchmark number of followers? Acknowledge this success and thank your followers for their ongoing support.

Humour. Create some fun by telling a joke or sharing a meme.

Fun fact. This could be something about your brand history or something completely random, but let’s face it everyone loves a fun fact.

Behind-the-scenes. Give your followers a quick glimpse of your setup or how your products are made.

Respond to mentions. Are your customers talking about your brand? If so, be sure to acknowledge what they’re saying. This is also a great way to answer questions and start a conversation.

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