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Three simple ways to improve your Instagram

To stay updated and connected, we now use social media more than anything else.  People are attracted to social media for many reasons, whether it be to communicate with people all over the world or to post photos and videos.  They use it to follow what their favourite celebs have been doing, and to comment on other people's posts with their reactions. Sites, such as Instagram are now a part of everyday life and if we look at a recent survey by Global Web Index, we can see that the average person spends around 2 hrs and 22 mins per day on social media.  It is therefore essential that the content you upload to Instagram, for example, is effectively managed.  

Here we share 3 simple steps in order to improve and boost your Instagram presence today:

1. Content

Make sure you are uploading “interesting content”.  Focus on expressing yourself positively without giving too much.  For example, it is a good idea to start by focusing on one theme. Make sure you are telling a story through your posts “Interesting content is actually a photo or video that speaks. Without us reading the caption or turning on the audio-video, we already know the purpose of the photo or video. [The] caption is also a more detailed explanation of the photo or video. It would be better if you make an interactive caption," says Brian Lim, video director of Gushcloud Talent Agency.

2. Engagement

Make sure you engage with your followers, as this can go a long way.  If they have commented or liked your post, reply to them. Creating a post where you ask for your followers' opinions or suggestions is also key.  You can also use emojis as well as words to make the engagement more personal and fun.

3. Consistency

To be consistent is one of the most difficult things to achieve in social media, but it is essential.  Try to upload at least one photo or video per day, as the more often you post, the more likely you are to be seen (without being overkill).  You need to be consistent with this though, as well as keeping the content fresh. Variety is also key, to ensure your audience keeps coming back. 

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