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Stand Out During Quarantine With These Top 10 Instagram Tools

With the current global pandemic of COVID-19 keeping much of the country on lockdown, an opportunity has arisen for content creators and entrepreneurs to start engaging with their base more via Instagram and other social media channels. This is the time to take control of what is one of the only things within your control right now - growing your brand’s online presence by posting more effectively online.  This article focuses on Instagram and the top 10 tools that will help you achieve this and ultimately drive your brand forward. 

1. ViralRace

If you want to increase your follower base quickly, then this app is a must.  It allows you to get your content in front of the people who would enjoy it most who will then be most likely to follow your account. There are no bots or fake followers, all are real people that are likely to stick with you for the longterm given they have been targeted as quality leads.  We know that Instagram will regularly sweep its platform and get rid of those who it identifies as fake followers so this is actually a really affordable and effective way of growing your customer base without having that worry.   

2. Figma

Figma, a free design tool used by top design teams like Uber, Square, and Microsoft. It is a seamless collaborative-design platform that works in real-time with your team on projects. You will find this tool especially helpful if you have lots of people in control of your Instagram design scheme or you are working with a copywriter/graphic designer duo. You can share a file with anyone by sharing a link and the file will open in the browser, ready for collaboration. 

3. Later

This is an excellent tool for planning and scheduling all of your content on Instagram. You can plan and schedule your posts in advance of up to a month meaning you can spend more time on other areas of focus.  It was originally developed for Instagram only but is now available for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest also. This is an affordable tool and even starts off free for individuals so it is well worth implementing if you have not already taken a look. 


This is the place to look for all of your visual inspiration.  Considered by many to be one of the strongest visual communities out there, VSCO’s primary tool is their photo editor. The app has been leading the way for almost 10 years and is an essential tool for any social media pro.  You will find an array of different styles and shots from some of the world’s best as inspiration for your feed. Thank us later.

5. Union Metrics

Developed by Later, this tool is alternative-analytics platform that helps you track who’s been looking at your Instagram feed and which posts they have been gravitating toward. This is, therefore, a great tool for helping you gain an insight into which of your posts have been the most successful and which in contrast haven’t had the desired effect. 

6. BuzzSumo

This one is a smart tool if you are looking to ramp up your influencer marketing. It is a little pricey however will help you in getting the best ROI out of your influencer marketing campaigns. You can see accurate figures on such things as each influencer’s follower count, average engagement and ranking for your Instagram. 

7. TikTok

This may seem like a strange recommendation given that the app is a direct competitor for Instagram, however, the style and content of a TikTok post are now becoming the norm for peoples Instagram Stories. Using TikTok for Instagram will show that you are staying ahead of the curve and using the most innovative and current apps.  It will also help you build an audience on another social media platform that is an excellent byproduct! 

8. Linktree

This tool will help you track, complile and organise personal links. You get unlimited links in the free version, so is an essential tool for those who are looking to collect their clickables in one place. It’s really simple and often described as the best in the business. If you do upgrade to the advanced version you can track content that you are trying to A/B test your engagement on.

9. Landscape

A tool that helps you resize any and all your photos into a convenient size for Instagram. It has a quick click-and-drag system that is one of the simplest, most convenient ways to get your images resized rather than cropping manually that can be ever so timeconsuming. Also, you may sometimes decide not to post an image because it doesn’t fit Instagram but with this tool, you do not have to worry about that again. 

10. AR Filters 

This is a tool that may help your post, if it’s the right idea, go viral! Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects layered over the real-life image your camera displays. In Instagram Stories, an AR filter alters the image your front or back camera displays. It enables people to do everything from taking quizzes to wear masks and even play games. 

So there you have our list of top 10 Instagram tools. Hopefully, this article will help you reassess what you are currently using on Instagram, and improve your strategy so that you can achieve results even during this uncertain and challenging economic climate.

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