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Promote social distancing to your followers with the new Instagram, “stay home” sticker.

Instagram has launched a new “stay home” sticker as part of their ongoing response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  The new graphic is available in every user’s sticker tray and by placing this sticker on your Instagram stories, posts will not only encourage social distancing but will be featured in the “Stay Home sticker stories” that appear at the top of users feeds.  By using the sticker you are helping build awareness of just how vital it is to help decrease the spread of COVID-19.   

The sticker, as well as being an important tool for spreading the message, will hopefully make staying at home just that bit more fun too.  Here are some ways that you can best use the sticker now:

  • Create stories with any tips you have learned about for working from home (or WFH as it has now been coined) and how best to adapt to this new environment.

  • If you are already used to WFH, as are freelance for example, create posts with how you have perfected the home environment to work best for you, so that others can benefit from your experience. 

  • Try posting to your followers about any new-found skills you have learned while staying at home when not working, such as cooking, exercising or meditation perhaps, and add the sticker to encourage others to do the same. 

  • Promote any good news stories, from your local area or the wider community that may bring positivity to your viewers. 

  • If you are a parent and have children at home with you, share tips on how you are keeping them safe, happy and homeschooled while also attempting to WFH.

We are not sure just how effective cause-related stickers are on Instagram, however, the platform keeps releasing them so there must be some positive impact. The other social media platforms are also finding their own ways to create awareness of the pandemic, with Facebook, for example, having added a COVID-19 information page at top of the user’s newsfeed. WhatsApp has released a “chatbot” n partnership with the World Health Organisation, in order to help stop the spread of fake news relating to the pandemic.  To use the chatbot add ‘+41 79 893 1892’ to your phone texts and send ‘Hi’ in a Whatsapp message. 

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