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Grow Your Business Right Now With These Awesome Tweet Ideas

One of the most successful social media platforms out there, Twitter boasts over 330 million monthly active users. Now that is a whopping number of potential customers for your business.

However, you can be a master Tweeter and still fall short of reaching your potential in terms of user engagement and follower numbers. That’s why in this article, you’ll learn the best types of tweets guaranteed to grow your business right now.

1. Product Teaser Tweet

Lure your potential customers in with a no brainer product teaser tweet. After all, it has been reported that as many as 4 out of 10 Twitter users shopped for a product after seeing it on Twitter. There is even scope for building a series of teasers that provide new information with each post. If you want to expose it to more targeted traffic, you can even display a Twitter hashtag feed on your website’s sidebar! This way, your website visitors will know more about it when they check out your website.

2. Giveaway Tweets

Everybody loves a giveaway, and it is much more likely that after participating in a viral giveaway, users are much more open to receiving more details about your brand. This will lead to more trust and can translate into more business with your brand. A great viral giveaway tweet should be easy to participate in which will result in way more numbers joining the fun. There are tools you can use in order to create viral contests such as RafflePress, the best WordPress giveaway plugin for creating viral contests.

3. Limited Time Promotion Tweets

Over half of all users follow a brand on Twitter because they want to get notified of upcoming sales and promotions. Therefore if you are holding a special sale in-store or online, make sure you let your Twitter followers know.

4. Testimonial Tweets

A testimonial tweet has the power to really supercharge your brand’s growth.

Today, customer reviews are king with a huge 97% of shoppers revealing that reviews influence their buying decisions more than anything else. The easiest way to do this is to monitor your mentions and retweet testimonials so they’ll be displayed on your own Twitter timeline. It is also a really great way of showing your existing customers that you appreciate their feedback.

5. Media Mention Tweets

Ever had any articles written about you or your brand? This one can really boost brand credibility and gain customer trust. So, if you have ever been featured by any media publications, be sure to tweet about it.

7. User Engagement Tweets

Responding to user tweets is an effective way to encourage brand loyalty and increase sales over the long run. Most shoppers expect brands to reply within the first hour of reaching out on social media so spending a few minutes each day to monitor your timeline for customer feedback is essential. Remember, this type of tweet isn’t limited to negative feedback and can be used to reply to positive customer comments on Twitter too.

8. Twitter Poll Tweets

With Twitter’s built-in polling feature, you can ask your followers about their product preferences and get results in just a few hours! How perfect is that? You get information about your customer's product preferences and your followers feel more included in helping you generate ideas to help improve your business. Win-win!

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