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Become An Instagram Legend With These 8 Easy Tips And Tricks

Instagram is a powerhouse in the world of Social Media. It can, however, feel very difficult to attract followers if you are just starting out. That’s why we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you supercharge your follower count and become the social media legend you know you can be.

1. Give Yourself A Head Start By Purchasing Followers

The accounts most people are likely to follow are those who appear established and popular already! However, it can be extremely time-consuming to make this happen entirely organically. Here at Boost Social, we provide the highest quality, best priced social media followers that will boost your profile quickly and easily. It’s completely safe and risk-free and will ensure you are able to reach your targets in the fastest way possible while attracting new followers at the same time. Win.

2. Regular Posts

You need to make sure that you never go a day or two between posts. Posting regularly will keep you fresh in peoples minds and give you a greater opportunity of engaging those people as long as you are saying something they want to hear. You still need to consider quality however as its not just about quantity. Make sure that you are consistent, so if you can post every day then awesome, but if it’s every other day then stick to that so your followers will know when to expect content from you and will much less likely become bored waiting.

3. Hashtags

While the use of hashtags are important when you are posting, make sure they are relevant and popular. Instagram provides a tool for analysing hashtags and their popularity so you should consider using this every time.

4. Collaborations

Reaching out to other influencers or brands can result in an exchange of followers that’s beneficial for both camps and so should always be considered. Wondering how to make this happen? Simply find a user or brand that you want to work with and message them outlining your idea for the collaboration. Easy! Just make sure that whoever you approach has content relevant to your message or brand.

5. Cross-promotion

Social media works much better when you integrate all your platforms together, so make sure that you are using other services like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to promote your Instagram content. If you have an official website for your brand, then you should also be placing social media links on that website. This gives anybody who uses other platforms or who has viewed your website the opportunity to access your Instagram profile really easily and should lead to a boost in followers!

6. Always Engage

Engagement is crucial if you want to increase your follower count; the more people see you engaging, the more they will think it’s worthwhile to follow you. This is always a good idea as it shows that you care about your followers and what they are saying. You can increase engagement by replying to comments, DMs and commenting on some of your follower’s posts if relevant to your brand.

7. Encourage Engagement

It’s essential to engage with your followers, as described in the last point, but it is also crucial to encourage them to engage with your content. Try posting challenges, tutorials, quizzes, and anything that you feel will really engage your audience. The more you do this, the more chance your content has of going viral as people share it and encourage their own friends to try out your challenges.

8. Resolve Disputes

It’s, unfortunately, a common problem that all social media users will experience at some point, yes we are talking about an unhappy follower! An argument or dispute breaks out, on one of your posts, and your heart sinks! However, you can always turn this into a positive and an opportunity to gain more followers! Address the issue directly with the unhappy follower, in a calm and respectful manner and explain your position. If people see you can resolve disputes in this way, they’ll recommend your content to others and your follower count will increase. Now that’s a win!

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