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Add Some Sparkle To Your Instagram Feed With These 10 Great Content Ideas

We all want to create great Instagram content that guarantees to engage our audience and we know that frequent posting on Instagram can improve your brand’s success on the social network.  However, coming up with unique Instagram content ideas every day isn’t easy. Content needs to remain fresh, so here are some ideas to help you beat your creative block and maintain a successful content strategy for your Instagram feed.

Understanding What Makes Good, Quality Content Is Key

Firstly, it has to be engaging to compete with the now fierce competition of the platform. You need to grab their attention as Instagram users have become super-aware of what they like and don’t in their feeds. They will discard poor content instantly. Make sure you are consistent and creative with your posts and you have an understanding of the Instagram algorithm that actually can make it harder for a brand to stand out.  Once you are resonating with your audience the algorithm will then pick this up and propel you higher up the searches and you will be showing up for new audiences.

Now you have an understanding, how do you maintain creative and quality content consistently?  Here are 10 great content ideas you should incorporate into your plan:

1. Be Creative With Your Photo Grid

Your Instagram grid is a quick introduction to your brand and products.  You want to make sure you create the right first impression. Many brands play with their grid and how their photos look like when combined, making their profile stand out. You can even create one bigger picture through nine individual posts if you want a brand product to differentiate from the competition. You can work on the profile’s aesthetics and then, use that style in the visual feel of your posts as well.

2. Share Your Tweets Via Instagram

Sharing a creative version of your tweets has become very popular and is a great way to engage with your audience.  How many times have you come across a funny tweet wondering how to share it on Instagram? There are many apps that help you turn your tweet into an Instagram post in just a few steps. It’s an easy way to repurpose your content without ruining your brand’s Instagram grid. You can also use it to share a happy tweet from a customer. 

3. Start A Challenge

You can start your own idea of a branded challenge based on the industry you are working on. Make sure it is interesting for your audience and choose a timeframe that works best for you. The most common challenges last 7, 14, or 30 days but it’s up to you to choose the ideal timeframe that works best.

4. Tell A Story By Using Longer Captions

Many brands have managed to stand out by using storytelling in captions and taking their followers on a journey. Combined with a powerful image, such captions can bring a new life to your content.  You can experiment with your storytelling skills and think of creative ways to add flair to your captions.

5. Plan An Instagram Stories Takeover

An Instagram takeover can help you generate great content from internal or external collaborators. You can invite different team members to take over your account for a day or you can give access to influencers and partners. This is a great way to see new content shared without having to actually create it.

6. Use Igtv For Longer Videos

Share a story and use a longer video. This can help you get your message across in a more structured way. Just make sure you make the video engaging so you keep your viewers' interest right up until the end. 

7. Promotions Need To Be Creative

When promoting a product on Instagram, make sure you aren’t just following the crowd.  Be creative!  Instead of just an image of your product, how about a video of it in use for example?  Adding humor is always a great engagement technique too. 

8. Share User-Generated Content

Sharing user-generated content can bring you closer to your followers. They get to connect with your brand at the same time as you can explore new content opportunities.  This will ensure your followers feel connected and will become contributors to your Instagram content strategy.  Just ensure to provide a specific direction to make sure your user-generated content is useful.  

9. Stay Relevant And Informed

You will need to keep up with what’s happening in the world in order to create relevant content ideas for Instagram. For example, ignoring the current global pandemic and not showing your human side would be catastrophically bad.  Showing your followers you are informed and have changed your content appropriately will build trust and show you are agile enough to respond to anything that’s happening.

10. Continue To Use Instagram Stories Collage

This trend isn't going anywhere - everyone loves a great collage on Instagram Stories.  It is a brilliant and creative way to show multiple images of your brand and products. Once you have come up with an appropriate narrative that will blend different images together to tell a successful story, use one of the many apps available and post your creative content to see how much engagement it accrues. 

So now it is time to start planning your new powerful Instagram content strategy. Any of these 10 Instagram content ideas should be easy enough for you to put into practice once you have identified the best ones to suit your brand. Remember to be as creative as possible, the sky really is the limit!

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