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5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile For A New Career in 2021

New Year, new start? Thinking about a change in career maybe? Well, if so, let us guide you through how to best use your LinkedIn profile in order to reposition yourself for a new industry, role or both!

1. Rewrite The Headline

If you are looking to change careers make sure that you change and customise your headline so it’s in line with whatever industry you are looking to move into. If you do not customise it, it can default to your current title and role, which would be the first thing prospective employees or connections will see. They may then decide not to click on you as your current or most recent role isn’t relevant.

2. Highlight Key Activities In The About Section

Be sure to highlight whichever qualifications or activities are most relevant to the new industry or role you seek. This will catch the readers attention early.

3. Tailor Your Activity To Your New Expertise.

Make sure that the posts you write, comments on other posts, videos or presentations you attach are tailored to the new industry or career you are interested in and that they showcase your expertise.

4. Include All Types Of Meaningful Work In Experience In The Experience Section

The work experience you include in the Experience section doesn’t need to be paid or your primary job, as long as it’s meaningful. Be sure to include any volunteer work as if this is only added to the Volunteer section, it risks being overlooked.

5. Use Relevant Keywords To Engage Your New Audience

Take some time to review all of your sections and how you have described your various skills and experience and think about how your new target audience may read it. Ot is worth generalising your text and avoiding niche industry-specific jargon in order to make you seem attractive to multiple industries.

So now you have completely refreshed your LinkedIn profile, you may be wondering how you can encourage people to see it! A really simple way is to add your LinkedIn URL into your email signature, so your entire network has your updated information. Posting a URL in this way gives access to the same information as a CV but much more subtly.

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