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Use This Simple Hack To Discover Awesome Content Ideas

If you have ever struggled to come up with a topic for your next article, email or social media post, believe me, you are not alone! That’s why we want to share with you a really simple and lesser spoken about technique. It involves using a website that most of us use regularly all of the time - Reddit.

Reddit is the 6th most popular website on the planet and is one of the most engaged with platforms out there. According to stats, 43% more engaging than Facebook, for example! It’s a platform that has experienced huge growth recently since it was launched and users have posted nearly two billion comments and cast more than 16 billion votes.

Another great reason why Reddit works so well for marketers searching for content inspo is just how vast the subjects are that users are discussing. No matter what topic you’re trying to research, there’s almost certainly a subreddit (Reddit’s name for topic-specific forums) for it.

How To Best Navigate Reddit.

So you now know the reason why this website should be one of your first point of references for content ideas, but the tricky thing will be knowing just how best to navigate this vast, ever-expanding community in order to cherry-pick the most powerful, specific insights from its users.

1. Find relevant subreddits

To do this, start by using the search box at the top right of any page on Reddit to search for communities where your particular theme is discussed. We highly recommend saving the links for all of the relevant subreddits you find in one place, to stop this from becoming a messy 50-browser-tabs-open style nightmare!

2.Look for problems that you can solve

It’s a really great idea to look for what problems people are experiencing that your next piece of content could solve. Using the search function again, look for phrases that indicate that someone is struggling with something. Some examples are:

“How do you”

“How can I”

“I can’t stand”

“I’m struggling with”

“Struggle with”

Make sure to include the quotes, especially for the multi-word phrases, as that will ensure an exact phrase match. Sort your results by “comments” to find the most active conversations. Job done - you should now have some awesome inspo for your next piece of content.

Now Create Your Content

Now you have navigated your way around Reddit and found your inspiration, it’s time to create your content. Once this has been done, think about how you can repurpose each idea to drive the most ROI for your business. For example turn a blog into an Instagram post, a tweet or a YouTube video for example. Don’t forget to also go back to the Reddit thread that inspired you and share your content with the community.

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