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Up Your Instagram Marketing Game Using These 5 Cool Tips

In this article we explore some of the best ways to immediately up your Instagram marketing game and in turn, drive up your revenue!

If Instagram isn't one of your main targets for growth within your marketing plan, then it really should be. The App boasts more than 1 billion global users, who are all busy sharing approximately 95 million videos and images every day. No matter what your product or service, you can be sure to find customers eager to be engaged here. As competitive as Instagram marketing can be, it isn't impossible to create engaging content that will then lead to business growth. Here are 5 tips for maximising your Insta marketing plan now.

Use Hashtags

Including Hashtags in your content will lead your audience to the posts shared with the Hashtags. They make it really convenient to reach out to new audiences. Don't over use hashtags, however, just focus on the related, popular Hashtags which will make it easier for your brand to be discovered by the audiences.

Use The Free Tools Available

Just like Facebook, Instagram for business has a certain number of free tools available for viewing statistics, such as engagement data, impressions, and more. You can even get a complete breakdown of follower demographics and also specific insights about posts showing them the number of impressions they earned for the time span. Once you are familiar with these free tools, they will become invaluable in helping you understand how users interact with your content which you can then use to make adjustments accordingly.

Have A Clear Plan

It always pays to be efficient with your social media marketing, and the same goes for Instagram as well. You should try and streamline your activities for saving a good amount of time. Make sure you know all about the frequency of posting on the platform for maximizing engagement and also when it is best to post to reach your target audience.

Post Regular Videos In Different Formats

Instagram videos create by far the most ROI on the platform compared with standard image posts, so make sure to be posting this kind of content regularly. You will see more engagement, and hence it works to have ideas about the different video formats you can go for. Some videos are posted in the users feed and are searchable videos where you can include Hashtags for helping the users find them easily. These exclusive and high-value videos are perfect for product announcements, tutorials, and brand campaigns. The other type are Instagram story videos. These videos will disappear after 24 hours so this type of content is perfect for live announcements, snapshots, snippets, and event footage.

Engage With The Followers Of Competitors

This strategy works because it will help you engage customers who already have an interest in the products or the services you are dealing with. Firstly you will need to analyze your closest competitors and then know who their followers are. Then start liking their posts or even follow them which will lead to return engagement and some brand new potential customers!

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