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Top Instagram Post Ideas For Influencers To Boost Engagement

If you are already an influencer or an aspiring influencer, chances are you will know that the more Instagram followers you have, the more engagement and the more engagement, the more money you can make from promoting brands, businesses, products, and/or services. This is where the money lives for Instagram influencers - affiliate marketing and promotions, and could even lead to influencing becoming your full-time gig!

However, with so much competition out there, how can you grow? That lies in firstly being creative and standing out from the crowd. This is why we compiled these awesomely easy creative Instagram post ideas for you to leverage. Happy reading!

(AMA) post (#AskMeAnything)

Think about what your audience would like to answer and what they want to know about you. This is a very creative Instagram post idea influencers love since it normally generates a huge amount of engagement and also serves as a gateway for a new audience to find and follow you. Make sure you follow up on any questions with answers, and you could always then turn the tables and ask a few questions back. Asking the right questions could even help you come up with new product or content ideas in the future!

UGC posts (user-generated content) posts

This is another great way to boost engagement and show your audience how much you love them. However, not many influencers do it. Why not? Show some love, and you will get more followers in return since your followers will share your thoughtful user-generated posts with friends, family, colleagues, and even complete strangers!

Daily hashtag posts

This is an obvious content idea for Instagram, but you would be surprised how many seem to forget about these little gems. Some examples are:

The goal with daily hashtags is to be as creative or as sincere and personable as possible. Basically, never stop the daily hashtag grind!

Video post

Instagram’s users all crave video content. There is a reason YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. Also, brands want to promote their business, products, and/or services via video. Especially top brands, because they have spent the money, did customer research, and know how valuable video content is. So if you want to land brands and get paid for promotion posts, you’ll need a tonne of videos in your Instagram feed.

Instagram Stories

Stories are separate from main-feed posts, and allow creators to upload spontaneous snapshots of their day-to-day life. They are a super quick format of posting, which is only visible for 24 hours. Stories are also a great place to post updates of your most recent main-feed posts, allowing your content to reach an even wider audience.

Instagram Reels

This is the place to create and discover short, 15-second videos. Reels are an opportunity to appeal to a different type of audience, and the videos are stored on the Explore page, meaning the chances of expanding your brand are increased compared to standard posts.

Call to action

Since you can only link one external website in your Instagram Bio, why not make the most of it and use a service such as Linktree or Linkin.Bio. These websites allow you to link to several different locations, such as your home website, social media accounts, blog page, or anything else you choose.

Insta story highlights

Show off your personality even more and add information to your bio by using your Instagram story highlights as a place to store key information. This can be made even more effective by adding coherent cover images to each of your highlights.

Go Live

Getting real-time engagement from followers can be ideal for launching a new product or project. Users can interact in real-time and ask questions you will be able to see instantly.

Sneak peek

Use this to hint at new exciting announcements to generate interest and conversation amongst your followers, and make them want to return to your page to see the final result!

Collaborate for a Giveaway

Consider collaborating with another influencer to run a competition or giveaway. This is a great way for both of you to increase your reach and dramatically boost engagement. The good competition will encourage audiences to follow both or all accounts involved, tag multiple friends and share the post to stories or their main feed too.

Tutorial post

Instagram is a great place to give advice and tips to your audience on pretty much anything, with photos, videos, reels, and stories all great places for this type of content.

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