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Three Key Social Media Trends That Should Drive Your Marketing Strategy for 2021

After the events of 2020 still impacting businesses globally, it is more important than ever for brands to equip themselves with a robust marketing strategy for 2021. To help, we have put together an article that explores the three social media trends that are expected to drive the most impact in 2021, according to both the experts and consumers. 

Your Customers Will Be Even More Socially Aware In 2021

The audience you seek is likely to be actively engaged in conversations surrounding social issues like mental health, equality, education, and climate change.  They will avoid brands that do not possess the same social values as they do, and so it is important to realize this.  The recent pandemic has caused consumers to shout even louder about what they feel are the issues affecting society today. 2021 will no doubt see these conversations continuing especially on social media so make sure you are actively working on creating an honest social impact. Look at not only global issues but also what is affecting your target consumer locally too. You will then have a strategy for the most impact. 

The Rise Of Fake News

This has been a big issue in 2020 due to all of the misinformation surrounding Covid-19.  In light of the rise in digital disinformation, 2021 will see the major social media channels taking active steps to curb this trend through means such as labeling of social content that are deemed to be inaccurate or misleading. You, therefore, need to be transparent with your audience with whatever message you are intending to send, make sure they do not have an option to fill in any gaps with “fake news”. It is also a good idea to conduct brand monitoring into your marketing strategy to detect any instances of fake news relating to your brand.

Engage Your Customers Through Personalised Content 

Conversational marketing is due to be big for 2021. This is how a brand engages and builds a relationship with its customers through content that is personalized. It is no longer enough just to send out a message, but instead, you need to be creating a 2-way conversation with your content. There are many tools to help with this, such as chatbots, live-streaming video platforms, and social channels. It is also a great idea to conduct some social media listening which you can then use to optimize the customer's experience. 

So, if you pay attention to these three trends that are likely to be big for 2021 and ensure you put your customers at the centre of every marketing initiative, then you should have a pretty robust strategy for the upcoming year which will be essential in any industry. 

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