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Supersize Your TikTok Profile With These Awesome Content Ideas

No longer just the new kid on the social networking block, TikTok is now one of the most used platforms out there. It is particularly popular amongst a younger demographic who if not already, could be your future client base.

In order to make waves on TikTok, and increase your follower base, you need to be publishing regular, good quality content. Sounds easy, right? Well, sometimes it really isn't easy to think of a content strategy that really works. That is why we have put together our guide to increasing your followers using these awesome content ideas.

1. TikTok Challenges. Look on the platform and get involved with any challenges that are trending. Another tactic is to launch your own challenge with a hashtag from your brand.

2. TikTok Dance videos. What better way to make an impact than to get involved with what made the platform so popular in the first place? Yes, we are talking dance videos!!! This content always gets a lot of attention and you can even combine a challenge and a dance.

3. TikTok Playbacks. Another type of content that's popular on this platform. Playbacks let you add stickers, text, and other effects to your TikToks.

4. TikTok Duet videos. A duet is based on taking an already published video and then adding your own recording. This kind of content is always really popular. Choose an already trending TikTok and give it a whirl.

5. Current Affairs. Make videos related to the most current events, whether that's something in the news or a topic in pop culture. Simply use what is trending right now for your inspo.

6. Day in the Life. Create videos about your daily life where you can include your friends, activities and hobbies. This could feature your place of work or be more personal.

7. Educational videos. A lot of content on TikTok is focused on entertainment, but that doesn't mean there's no place for education. Everyone loves to learn, so post a video about something you have expertise in and educate your viewer.

8. Partner with an influencer to produce content. That way you will get twice the exposure and likely gain some followers from the influencer's follower base.

9. Tutorials. Whilst this is especially relevant for the makeup and DIY industries, whatever your product why not create a tutorial so your followers know exactly how to use it?

10. Branded filters. Take advantage of this trend by uploading custom filters. Create a post and add augmented reality lenses and filters with creating special effects, similar to Instagram and Snapchat.

11. Slow-motion videos. Users love these and they are fun to watch. No brainer so make one today!

12. Organize a contest. You can easily do this through a hashtag which will encourage users to generate content to participate.

13. Before and After videos. This works best in certain industries such as fitness or beauty but can be adapted to a lot of topics. Use these videos to show the spectacular results of your products and talent.

14. Broadcast live videos. TikTok also has live video, so you can use it to interact with your audience in real-time. Your audience will love the chance to ask you questions and see how you answer. Just be prepared and keep it clean.

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