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Supersize Your Subscribers With These Simple YouTube Video Ideas

In the world of the YouTuber, your subscriber count (closely followed by watch time hour), is King! In order to really supersize your subscriber count you need to be creating the right kinds of video content. There are certain video types that always perform better than others, regardless of who is shooting the video. The top 3 types of videos are as follows:

Product Review Videos

How-to Videos


Now that you know the most popular kind of videos, you need to consider the actual content. There is also a pecking order here too, with the most popular subjects as follows:




Beauty and Fashion



Science and Technology


These are some of the most searched topics on Youtube, so tailoring your Youtube channel around these genres will help garner your Youtube channel some organic views it might not have gotten otherwise.

We now know the top 3 video types as well as content that will be sure to increase your engagement, subscribers and watch time hours, however, there are also other video types that when done correctly, can really propel your content into the realms of YouTuber royalty. So alongside the 2 we have already mentioned, here is our list of top video content ideas for you to create right now for your channel:

1. Product Reviews

This is the #1 most watched video type on Youtube. Product reviews can attract a lot of new subscribers who otherwise might not have found your channel. When filming a product review, make sure to research your product as it goes without saying that reviewing a product that is popular among your target audience will gain you more views and subscribers.

2. How-to Videos

How-to videos are extremely popular because they address a pain-point that your viewer is experiencing and solves it. People will always search out content that addresses their pain points. Attaching a product to your video that will aid your viewers in solving their problem can also bring in money, either through your own online store or through affiliate links.

3. Product Launch Videos

Product launch videos are an effective way for Youtubers to drum up support for their upcoming product as well as gain more subscribers. You can also add a link on Youtube to your product making it easier for customers to find your product and resulting in higher sales. Product reviews are a double-win because not only will you ramp up profit from your product sales, you will also attract new subscribers who are interested in the type of product you offer.

4. Videos based on Youtube SEO

If you want to gain new views and subscribers, you can't go far wrong with this kind of video. This type of video is extremely useful because it allows you to create content that your audience is already looking for. You just need to make sure that you do your research. Using tools such as KeyWord Tool, you can type in keywords related to your channel and see similar phrases people are searching for on Youtube.

5. Educational Videos

Do you have an expertise or niche? In order for you to film an educational video, you need to first make sure that you know what you’re talking about. People want to learn from experts not just a person who is obviously repeating information found on Google

6. Favorite/Best of Videos

Favorite/best of videos focus on Youtubers favorite products of the month, of the week, or of all time. These types of videos are great because they can be used on just about any kind of Youtube channel and will attract new subscribers if you focus on products that are already popular with your target audience.

7. Unboxing Videos

Simple yet extremely popular and a bit of an internet phenomenon, unboxing videos have taken the platform by storm. Unboxing videos focus on Youtubers opening sealed boxes filled with gear and products that your audience is interested in and then describing the content of the box to their audience. It’s that simple, yet people love it!

8. Q&A

Do your followers have common questions that are always asked within your comments? If so, capitalize and make a vlog! When filming Q&A videos, providing value is the single most important key to success. You want to supply answers to questions that your viewers are genuinely curious about. Q&A videos can be great content to put out when you’re short on time or money since they don’t have to be super technical or produced.

9. Haul videos

Haul videos are videos that focus on showcasing all of the stuff you’ve bought while out on a shopping trip. By buying items that your audience will enjoy, you can draw in new subscribers who are interested in the stuff that you’ve bought.You will need to make an initial investment in the form of the money required to buy all of your items, but this can be done as expensive or inexpensive as needed depending upon your budget and audience. People love bargains so items can be cheap and cheerful.

10. Music Videos

Not just for actual musicians, this video type has become extremely popular in virtually every community on Youtube. Not only are they great content, but they are also a very viral video form which can lead to new subscribers and more exposure for your channel.

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