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Seven Easy Ways To Increase Your YouTube Watch Time

Every successful YouTuber will know that as well as building a loyal subscriber base, the best way to ensure that you appear more frequently in YouTubes search and recommendation results, is to increase your Watch time. Quite simply, the more people watch your videos, the more YouTube is likely to surface them in their search or recommendation features. Therefore we have put together our very best tips for just how to easily and effectively increase your channel watch time.

1. Hook your audience. You have approximately 15 seconds to grab your viewers attention with an awesome intro that will make them want to keep watching. Therefore it is vital to make the first frame as compelling as possible. You can do this by speaking directly to the viewer, not the audience as a whole, asking a question or perhaps preview what they can expect from you in a short opening clip.

2. Break up your videos into segments. Think of your video as a book. No one would want to read a book without chapters, right? Therefore you need to think about how to break up your videos into segments which all should have a compelling intro moment followed by an intriguing narrative. Outlines can be useful in this process.

3. Keywords. Remember, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Therefore, as you develop content ideas, make sure to do simple keyword research specifically for YouTube. Head over to a tool like Keyword Tool (change the default option to YouTube search) and type a topic related to your niche to understand its search interest (i.e., keyword volume).

4. Become a storyteller. This works best when you can both educate and entertain your viewer. Make sure to convey your story in a unique and interesting way that your viewers will appreciate and keep watching).

5. Collaboration can be key. By working together with a like-minded person who shares a similar vision to you can have a huge impact on your channel. You will likely gain access to their audience which will increase not only your watch time but your subscriber count too. Double win.

6. Increase the length of your videos. If you publish longer videos, you can make them more targeted to your niche audience and still get a watch time that YouTube’s algorithm likes. A shorter video needs a bigger viewership to get the same total watch time as a longer video with fewer viewers. This is worth knowing for future videos, but you could also think about how to lengthen current shorter videos too that are already on your channel.

7. Purchase Watch time from Boost Social. This is a sure-fire way to boost your organic watch time in a safe way by gaining the highest quality, best priced social media engagements available.

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