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Perfect Your Instagram Captions With These 7 Top Tips

Your Instagram images, branding, and caption will determine whether an Instagrammer buys a product or service and around 80% of them are looking to do just that! One of the most crucial things to get right is your caption as it will play a key role in engagement, communication, and sales. In this article, we share our top tips for perfecting your perfect Instagram caption and winning over your followers.

1. Create Captions For Your Ideal Target Audience

Trying to write captions that work for everyone won’t get you very far. Instead, write captions that will connect easily with your target audience to build your community. Over 200 million Instagram users visit a business profile daily so if you create content for your ideal target audience then you should do the same with your Instagram captions. You should think about such things as “would my ideal customer say this?” and “are emojis appropriate to use here?”

2. Captions Need To Be Simple And Easy To Read

You only have a couple of seconds to entice your follower into reading the caption that accompanies your visual.  Ensure that you’re not leaving them mystified and instead let your caption easily and effortlessly tell your story or message. 

3. Convey Your Brand Voice With Your Captions

Having a strong brand identity helps you to create content, boost sales, and it also helps you to find your brand voice when writing on Instagram. Based on your target demographic, your brand voice should instantly connect with your followers. Without your brand voice guiding your Instagram captions, your captions will not be very successful.

4. Use Your Characters Wisely

You only have the first 125 characters to show without the need to expand your caption. Therefore make sure you put the most important information first. This needs to be your hook, and any remaining caption can be used for the rest of what you want to say, whether this is fun or sales! 

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

Be sure only to use hashtags that are relevant to your Instagram caption or image, or the algorithm will see it as spam. Instagram includes your hashtags along with your caption in their 2,200 character limit too, so this is another good reason to make sure you do not stuff full of hashtags that are not appropriate to your message.

6. Entice Engagement With Your Captions

Follower engagement is the main aim of why we post at all on Instagram, so as well as using your visuals to entice engagement, make sure your captions prompt this too! A simple way of encouraging them to comment, like, tag, and share with others is just to ask them to! 

7. Use Customer Reviews As Captions

This is an easy way to find a caption idea for your brand when you are maybe suffering from a little bit of Instagrammers block!  Around 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. People love to hear about the positive experiences of real-life customers.

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