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Our Top Tips For Successfully Using Instagram To Grow Your Business

Instagram should be part of any social media marketing strategy. With over a billion users and incredible engagement levels, we give you our top tips on how to make this incredible platform work for your business. 

Consistent Posting

This is key to your strategy and a good place to start.  You need to know how often to post. The Instagram timeline runs on a series of complex algorithms that make consistency the critical element to having your post appear in front of followers. Simply put the more you post, the more followers and likes you get! 

Variety Is Key

Make sure that you are not repeating the same kind of posts time and time again.  Not everything should be about your business either, this will just put people off.  We suggest the 80-20 rule, which is 80% of your content should be entertaining, informative, or educational, and the remaining 20% promotional related content. This should mean your followers are more receptive to your sales posts as they will have also seen some content containing industry tips, relatable pictures, memes and funny content.  

Take Part In Some Weekly Hashtag Challenges

There are always some great hashtag challenges that users like to engage with on Instagram.  Examples would be #MotivaionMonday or #ThrowbackThursday.  Make sure you pay attention to any industry-specific ones too and get involved as they will give you some good ideas of what to post and what your customers are engaging with.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Great Visuals 

Yes, it is a challenge to stand out from the crowd in someone's Instagram feed, but it is doable for sure! Aim to create exciting visuals that catch the eye with posts that people can’t help but stop scrolling for. Make them pay attention! This can be done with some great visuals so get creative. Just make sure that what you are posting is aligned with the style and graphics of your website which will make sure you are staying true to your brand. 

Captions Need To Be On Point

You will need to make sure that the captions that accompany your Instagram posts have been thought out so that they entice people to view the post in the first place.  Captions work extremely well with videos as they require more commitment, and people need little extra convincing to stop and view.  The length of your captions should be considered against which type of post you are releasing.  For an informative post, you can use longer captions but for an entertaining or funny post make captions punchier. 

Use Call To Actions 

CTAs are an essential part of social media marketing and can’t be ignored. They will encourage people to buy products, visit a website, or simply connect with your business. Think about what you would like your viewer to do, it could be “Click the link to find out more” or “Follow us for more!”. Sometimes asking them to “tag a friend” works really well and will encourage more followers. Just make sure the CTA is appropriate for whatever it is you are posting about.

Pay Attention To Trends

You need to be aware of and engaging with the topics people are talking about the most. Often, they are related to current events, such as the global pandemic COVID-19. Make sure you are keeping tabs on any trending topics and get involved by making posting something engaging for your audience. 

Engage With Your Followers

This one seems so simple but is often overlooked. The clue is in the name - social media!  You need to be social and interact with users.  Make sure you are replying to comments on your posts but also engaging with users that have similar accounts or interests to you.  This will encourage their followers to interact with you and could lead to more followers and ultimately grow your brand.  

Hopefully, by using these simple tips within your social strategy you will start to see results and really grow your business using the incredible platform of Instagram.

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