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Our Top Tips For Making Your Youtube Video Go Viral.

Most likely, if you are using YouTube then you are attempting to use this as a marketing tool for your brand, whatever that may be.  If this is the case, then you will want to know how to make your videos go viral!  Going viral is like the holy grail for social media users, not just on YouTube, but on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If your video goes viral because people love it (which is always the best reason), then that’s great news for your brand. More people will become familiar with you this way, and more of them will buy from you.  There are videos that go viral for all the wrong reasons however, but in this article, we look at how you can make your videos go viral the right way! 

1. The Title Needs To Be Right

This is very important as titles are the first hook to the viewer. Your title needs to be just right - not too short but not too long.  You also need just the appropriate amount of description, optimized with keywords. It's always good to remember that YouTube is essentially a search engine, so getting the keywords right is crucial. 

2. Be Original

On YouTube, there are already millions upon millions of content hours already on there. Not only that, but more is being created even as we speak. You need to come up with some genuinely original ideas that are within your field of business.  One way you can ensure that you are being original is to use the YouTube search bar by typing keywords into it that are related to your planned content. If you do not find a great deal, then you know you are onto something. 

3. Make It Shorter

This is a really key element to making a video go viral. Remember people's attention spans can be limited, so making a lengthy 20-minute video can lead to people clicking away before they have even started.  Whereas if it’s say a two-minute clip, they might give it a whirl, but if it’s even less than that, you’ll probably have the most success.

4. Become A Storyteller

The combination of a short, storytelling style video on YouTube will always have the best chance of going viral. Given that we have just said making your video shorter is better, then you may feel that using this limited amount of time to really tell a story with your video would be quite difficult? Regardless it's crucial for engaging your audience. It's also a great way for you to learn how to maximize the time that you have. Most TV commercials are only about 40 seconds long, but will have some kind of narrative to them. Remember to try and elicit a bit of emotion into your video also as these types of videos perform a lot better than dry, procedural ones.   The right soundtrack to go along with it helps, too. 

5. Use Boost Social To “boost” Your Numbers

You can give your video a quality boost by purchasing guaranteed high-quality YouTube views from Boost Social.  This will help your video greatly as once people start seeing your view count rise, they will want to watch it too! But you will need to have a compelling video as if they are not engaged, then they will not talk about your video or tell their friends, and your video will likely not go viral. If you want your video to go viral, then you not only need to start the process by buying those views for it, the quality of the video itself must be amazing.  Visit to see all of the packages available. 

There are no guarantees to making your YouTube video go viral, but if you follow these helpful tips your chances of success will be much higher. 

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