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Our Top 3 Tips for Getting Found On LinkedIn

Did you know that by doing some very simple things with your LinkedIn profile, you can influence where you appear a LinkedIn people search? LinkedIn uses a proprietary algorithm to present search results to each individual user and below are our top tips for improving where you appear!

Have a complete profile.

This one sounds like a no brainer, but it really is important that you have all the relevant information on your profile. It’s surprising how many profiles are incomplete. Be sure to add in your current position, past positions, the schools you attended, what you studied.

Show a good mix of skills.

This is the number one thing both clients and recruiters look for when searching. You, therefore, need to have a good mix of interpersonal and work skills to reflect your expertise.

Make connections.

The more connections you have, the more likely you will have a connection to the searcher. Make sure these are quality connections that reflect well for you. A prospective client or recruiter could contact one of your connections and ask for a reference. Remember, a 2nd-degree connection compared to a 3rd-degree connection will improve the likelihood that your profile will appear in searches.

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