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Our Top 10 Twitter Content Ideas For When You Are Needing A Little “Tweetspiration”

No matter how slick you are on Social Media, sometimes it can be hard to create fresh and engaging content every single day. Twitter is very much a platform where you have to post regularly, sometimes multiple times a day! With this in mind, here is our guide to the most successful tweet ideas that you should try when your Tweetspiration is just a little bit off!

  1. Share industry news. Make sure you tag the author and share your ideas on the topic.

  2. Tweet a tutorial video. These are really popular and gives you a chance to plug a product or service while giving your audience some much-needed guidance. You can even link to your YouTube channel if you have one.

  3. Create a Twitter Poll. People love polls and the chance to share their opinion. They will, in turn, engage with your brand whilst weighing in on a topic that interests them.

  4. Tweet about a trending topic. Use hashtags and participate in larger conversations which will connect your brand to a current conversation.

  5. Tweet a new product or service. Simple!

  6. Ask for feedback about your brand, products or services. People love to feel that they may have an impact on a brand, and it will be insightful for you to hear their suggestions that could lead to you implementing any of the good ones!

  7. Tweet about a valued employee. This will give your audience an insight into the human side of your brand.

  8. Tweet about a valued customer. This is similar to the above, but this time you can select a valued customer and show them some love! Again, this gives your followers a real glimpse into what your ethos is and how you appreciate them.

  9. Tweet a contest. Have some fun by starting a friendly Twitter competition. Have customers Tweet a photo of themselves using your product or give customers a chance to name your next product.

  10. Tweet about a recent achievement. Perhaps you have just hit 10,000 followers, or won an industry award? Whatever you have achieved recently, tweet it!

Hopefully, now you have some fresh content ideas, you can ensure that your Twitter feed always stays dynamic and is an account that your customers look forward to engaging with. Happy days.

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