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Our Tips On Becoming An Expert YouTuber

Here is our useful guide of everything that you need to consider when launching into the exciting but crowded world of the YouTuber. If you follow these simple steps you should start to see real results fast! 

Organization is key...

Make sure that you keep a diary where you can jot down anything and everything about your channel such as your ideas, execution plans, deadlines, and schedules.  

Invest in some key items of tech, but mostly a phone will mostly do the trick…

These days most mobile phones have excellent high-resolution cameras that should be perfect for all of your filming needs.  However, it is worth investing in a microphone, which mounts onto your camera or your phone to ensure crisp and clear audios.  You will also need to invest in a tripod. They come in different sizes and shapes but you should pick what suits your needs best.

It's all about the right light...

Literally. Nothing puts off a viewer more than bad lighting. Quite simply, it can either make or break you. You can buy some excellent yet affordable lights to help you with this so just make sure to prioritize it.

Make sure you transfer and back up all footage….

A good card reader and a reliable hard disk reader to transfer all of the footage you’ve created is a must. You also need some good editing software, start with good photo and video editing software most of which can be found for free.  As your confidence and experience build, you can then look at purchasing audio editing software. 

Check your stats...

YouTube analytics is something you need to pay a lot of attention to.  This is where you can learn all about how your numbers are looking in terms of how your channel is performing etc. You’ll also get gender-specific numbers, age-specific numbers, watch time and more.

Pay attention to the Algorithm…

This is very important as it’ll show you what kind of thumbnails work for you, what type of titles are picking views and more.

Be sure to Monetize…

Learning how the best ways to monetize your channel should be a top priority.  One of the most effective ways to do this is with Google Adsense.  You will need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to get started, which can take time organically or you could give yourself a head start and purchase from an expert social media engagement company such as us.

Collaborations with brands, memberships on your YouTube page and affiliate links are also ways in which you can monetize. 

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