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Our Guide To The Most Engaged With Content On Tiktok For 2021

One of the best ways to increase your profile on TikTok is by creating content that is sure to be engaged because it resonates with your intended audience. In this article, we look at how you can easily achieve this by using ideas from our list of TikToks most popular content categories.

Home & Garden

Number 1 is Home & Garden. This category has seen a +156% growth. This is understandable seeing as most of the world is now working remotely, spending more and more time at home than ever before. It seems TikTok is a place that users are coming to in their droves for their Home & Garden inspo. Some of the most popular hashtags being used and searched for include the following:

It’s a good idea to remember when posting within this growth category, that you should not only post about the finished product but also the stages of the entire project, whatever that may be.


This category has seen a +113% growth. With travel currently being restricted, it seems people are desperate for a trip away and to experience the great outdoors, so this could explain the huge rise in posts within the camping category. You can capitalize on users’ love for outdoor videography by helping them get involved themselves.

The most popular hashtags within this category include:


Our tip for the third most popular category is Gaming. It is widely popular on the platform and has seen a +104% growth. Post ideas include footage of video games, like users’ proudest achievements, as well as content about video games, such as users recreating gaming scenarios in real life. Use these hashtags in order to generate the most engagement:


From amateur chefs to those professionals who want to help others by posting about easy to create recipes, TikTok has seen a huge rise in the popularity of cooking posts. This could also be a result of people largely not being able to eat out as much due to the global pandemic. The category has seen a +57% increase in popularity and any posts should be accompanied by these hashtags for maximum engagement:

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