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Our Guide To Self-Promotion On Reddit

Reddit has fast become one of the most used social media platforms out there, and, it is a place where the user’s vote is King! On this platform, people worldwide post content which can be either links or original content, and other users “upvote” or “downvote” posts, pushing the most interesting content to the top. The popularity of this platform comes from being able to easily find groups of “like-minded” people. Reddit calls these groups subreddits.

One tricky issue marketers find however is that the site has a tough stance on self-promotion, therefore you need to take a more strategic approach that focuses on conversations and providing helpful or interesting content. Despite this, with millions of engaged and active members, it really is a place you should consider promoting your brand if you are not already doing so.

Let’s start with the basics. Read Reddit’s page about self-promotion and what’s allowed and what isn’t. Then go to the “Reddiquette” page so you can see Reddit’s main rules. The list includes such things as “using original sources when sharing stories” and “being considerate in the way you speak to other users” Above all if you’re not sure, ask before posting something. Redditors are there to help and guide users.

Here are some key Reddit specifics to be aware of before getting started:

Only post quality content. To develop superb content, follow these tips:

Attach a relevant picture (photo, map, screenshot, or gif).

Share a personal experience. This always makes posts look trustworthy.

Format the text. Use lists, bold fonts, and divide your text into paragraphs

Explain complex issues in the simplest way you can so that as many users as possible can get to the bottom of the situation and share their opinion.

Write how-to guides to share practical tips.

Subreddits are sub-communities (there are more than a million) about a variety of topics and areas. Anyone can create any number of subreddits. Each subreddit has its own moderators, rules, and designs.

Karma is the rating you get for posting and commenting on Reddit. Your number of upvotes may increase or decrease depending on whether your posts or comments get upvotes and vice versa. With high karma, the likelihood that your words will be trusted is higher, but with low karma, this likelihood is lower. In some subreddits, you can’t post materials and comment until you reach a certain level of karma.

Shadowban is an inconspicuous ban that allows you to continue writing posts and comments, but no one sees them except for you. The moderator automatically sends them to the spam list. You may not understand for a long time why no one is responding to your posts since there are no external signs of a shadowban. You can be shadowbanned in both a specific subreddit and in the entirety of Reddit.

So now you have some of the basics nailed down, and you think you are ready to start promoting yourself on Reddit, and you are not quite ready to commit to paid advertising just yet, here is a list of awesome strategies you can adapt to your marketing plan right away:

Use a personal account, not a business one and then you can start engaging with the community by answering questions and posting content related to your niche.

Start by commenting on other posts. To attract new visitors to your site, participate in discussions relevant to your niche and link to your site when appropriate. Don’t forget to use keywords to increase your chances of being found.

Start a Subreddit. Here, you can engage with your customers, answer any questions about your company, and share industry news. This is a great way to stay on the right side of Reddit’s rules and yet still market your brand.

Work on increasing your karma from the very beginning. To do so, you need to get upvotes. Share photos, funny pictures or jokes, memes, relevant news, and other pieces of information that can generate interest.

Comment on top submissions. The easiest way to get upvotes and karma is by commenting on the most popular posts, such as those featured on the front page. You can leave a separate comment or engage in current discussions, which is even more likely to earn you some karma.

Ask the admins of the relevant subreddit for permission to advertise, as neither admins nor users will tolerate aggressive advertising. Your message should bring value to the audience and engage them in the discussion if this is to be accepted.

Contact the admin of a relevant subreddit and ask them to post a link directly for you. Links posted by admins are naturally more trustworthy and draw more attention. If they reply positively, be sure to offer them an incentive in return, such as a discount or free product from your company.

To build trust with Redditors, remember to cite your sources when sharing facts and statistics. This will allow you to confirm that the information you provide is reliable and accurate and that your words can be trusted.

Reply to every comment on your posts. Give feedback to users who are interested in your content. As an active user, you will earn karma you’ll build trust.

So, we hope that you now agree, by both creating high-quality and useful posts, and then applying these useful strategies, you can easily gain credibility and successfully promote your brand on this hugely popular platform. Nothing is stopping you, Reddit domination awaits!

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