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Make Your Twitter Strategy Next Level With These 15 Tweet Ideas

We all know that you are supposed to produce engaging, creative and fresh content every single day! But what if one day you get a little bit of “tweeters block”? Don't worry, as we have compiled some really useful and fresh tweet ideas for you that we guarantee will put that spark back into your content!

Get Involved In Trending Topics.  This may seem like a no brainer, but if you haven't done this for a while, use this to really connect your brand to current conversations happening in the Twittersphere. 

Tweet Behind The Scenes Content.  Showing your followers an insight into the ethos of your brand such as how your products are made, will show them you are trustworthy and open.  

Create A Twitter Poll. Give your followers the opportunity to help shape your brand! You could start with a poll about what they love most (and dislike most!) about your products. Some of your best ideas can come straight from your customers.

Tweet a tutorial. You can show off your video editing skills here and produce a tutorial for your customers to learn more about your products or services.  Make sure your content remains punchy and to the point with a bit of humour where appropriate. 

Spotlight A Top Follower. This will show that you value your loyal followers. People love to feel like they are being noticed.  You could offer this top follower a special discount or just simply mentioning them in a tweet will make them feel valued. 

Spotlight An Employee.  Similarly, you could show off one of your top employees and show the Twitter world how important they are to your brand.  Followers will get an insight into your brand on a human level and this tactic makes them feel connected and shows that you value people. 

Highlight Your Successes!  This could be reaching a certain number of followers for example? Thank your followers for their loyalty and show them that you appreciate them.  

Create A Competition For More Followers!  Ask your followers to help you by retweeting you, and reward one lucky follower with a prize when you reach your goal of however many followers is your target. 

Tweet A Photo Of Your Product.  Use Twitter to market a new product or service.  You could also use this to announce new product lines or features, or talk about the problem your products help solve.

Tweet About The Latest News Within Your Industry. Tag the author and ask your followers to weigh in with their opinion.

Tweet Positivity.  Everyone could do with some positivity right now! Why not create a meme or share a funny joke!  

Tweet An Inspirational Quote.  As well as positivity, people are looking for inspiration now more than ever!  Use a quote that really means something to you and maybe it will inspire your followers too. 

Tweet Your Followers A Fun Fact. Use this one to help your customers learn more about your brand. 

Respond To Tweets.  This is a great way to answer questions and start a conversation with your followers.  It shows you care about what they have asked and acknowledge that they are talking about your brand. 

Tweet About Local Or National Holidays.  This could be a local artisan market that you plan to exhibit at or sponsor.  Or perhaps it is a public holiday where you live and you want to wish your followers a fun-filled day off work?

Hopefully, these 15 tweet ideas have given you a bit of inspiration that will really take your tweeting strategy to the next level!

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