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How To Sparkle This Christmas With These Awesome SMM Ideas

Holidays are coming! And so should your Christmas social media campaigns ideas. Not quite sure how to really make your December content sparkle and pop yet? Well, we have got you covered. Read on for our awesome ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns that will be sure to bring you some festive cheer and keep that SMM anxiety at bay.

The most important rule – set clear goals. Only with a solid plan, you’ll be able to measure your success. Your goal this holiday season will most probably be to create a feeling of community around your special holiday campaigns. It will also be to increase engagement and sales.

Successful campaigns unite people with common interests and make them want to share their experiences with friends, colleagues, and family. In a sense, you’re aiming towards creating a trend. With that in mind, here are our top 5 ideas that you can put into your social media marketing plan right now!

1. Give a Christmas Feel to Social Media Profile

The first and important Christmas SMM idea is to update the design of your social profiles. To attract customers, your social media profiles must have an eye-catchy appearance. Design a customized profile picture, cover photo, text, fonts, and other creatives in Christmas-themed colours and visuals.

2. Christmas Video Campaigns

When it comes to viral domination on most social media platforms, video will be the go-to for most popular posts. Despite being time-consuming, it really is worth the effort. Think about the nature of your business and the message you’d like to send to the world. Be sure to include some humour, but at just the right tone to not appear offensive.

If you’re short on time and really don’t have the budget to carry out a video campaign, consider creating short videos, bite-sized, Vine-like content for your social media accounts. These types of videos don’t need much editing and can be made in a short period of time.

3. Christmas Contest Ideas

This is an excellent time for building brand awareness, and what better way to grab the users attention than a Chrismas themed giveaway? This is the season for giving, after all. Use your social media platforms to host a giveaway and make sure the focus is on your products. Some of the most popular contests include:

“Follow or tag – and win!”

“Do something creative – and win!”

“Guess or vote – and win!”

“Caption this - and win”

4. Christmas Gift Guide Ide

If you’re offering your goods and services at special prices this holiday season, let everyone know. Creating gift guides will make your brand more likely to be shared on social media to help other fellow shoppers find gift ideas. Putting your efforts into creating a list really is worth the effort, plus you can tailor it to different demographics, such as families, men, women, children, and even pets.

5. Publish Engaging Content

Remember the saying “Content is king”? Well, it is true, especially at Christmas. It gives long-term growth. Creative blogs and articles on topics like festive shopping ideas, festive decor, Christmas ideas, gifts for near and dear ones can be a great way to engage your audience. Users are sure to like the ideas that can make it easier for them to plan their activities around the festive period.

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