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How To Revamp Your Facebook Content Strategy

Ever been curious as to how to revamp your Facebook marketing strategy? If so then you need to read on, as we have put together 10 top tips that you can implement today. With these new strategies in place, you can create engaging content that your audience not only enjoys but “likes, shares, comments on” but you should also see your follower count skyrocket! 1. Trending Topics This one is a really easy way of attracting engagement. Your posts will appear in more feeds and people will be more likely to comment on and share your posts as well. So start by researching the trending topics in your area and go from there. 2. Start A Conversation By simply asking questions, you will attract a lot of engagement, but make sure you do not overuse this strategy. You need to think creatively about the types of questions you can ask. Consider how you can ask your audience relevant questions that are fun and easy to respond to. You may even generate future content ideas from their responses. 3. BTS That’s “behind-the-scenes” and is another fantastic content idea where you can expect an influx of engagement. You can use this strategy to share photos and videos of anything to do with your brand that you think will capture your audience and intrigue them. How about showing them how you make your products, or perhaps you can introduce them to your colleagues and show them a glimpse of the office - whether that be in the home or actual workplace. Just keep it fun and lighthearted. 4. Video Content Facebook is fast becoming a place of high-quality video content. Users love being able to watch entertaining or information content and remember, you do not need a professional crew just to create videos, a simple smartphone can do the job nicely and is often preferred if done in a more informal way. 5. Get Personal Don’t worry, we are not suggesting you insult anyone here as the title would suggest, but we ask that you consider showing your audience something personal about yourself. This technique works really well as it gives users a glimpse of the person or people who make the business what it is! You could do a “ meet the team” post where you focus on a different colleague each week. 6. Sales Posts This one seems fairly obvious, but it is actually quite tricky to get the balance right on Facebook as users do not want you to be too pushy. Instead, think of creative ways in which you can promote a product or service. You could plan around specific holidays, for example, if you are a make-up artist and it is Halloween, show off what you can do in a creative and fun way that will hopefully lead to bookings. 7. Blogs Content marketing is just as important as social media marketing, so you’re probably already creating both types of content, so why not share on your Facebook page? Content and social media just work together, fact. 8. Share Industry Tips and Tricks By giving away some of your most valued industry tips, you will most definitely see an increase in engagement as people love to learn new intel, especially if you are giving them something unique to your business. 9. Competition Posts This one grabs attention from the get-go and is a great way to increase reach, brand awareness, engagement and overall followers. Who doesn’t like a prize giveaway? Just make sure it is relevant to your audience and is something they are interested in to see the maximum results. 10. Optimal-timed Posts This tip is more to do with “when” to post, rather than “what” to post like our previous ideas. You need to make sure you are sharing your Facebook posts at times when your audience is online and engaged, or you could miss out on a lot of interaction. It’s a good idea to test different posting times and frequencies to see what works for your business and your audience.

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