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How To Raise Your Twitter Game With These Awesome Bio Ideas

Your bio should portray who you are, and what your viewers can expect if they do follow you. When someone reaches your profile on Twitter, the first thing they will notice will be your bio. Your bio creates a mental image of you in the minds of your viewers and is the factor that will ultimately lead them to either follow you or ignore you.

Now you are aware of just how important your bio is for Tweeting success, let's dive in and share just how you can raise your Twitter game using these awesome bio ideas.

Personality based bio

Being authentic and true to who you are is a win on this platform. So, go for it! In your bio, mention any hobbies, interests, or beliefs you have. This will ensure your potential audience knows exactly who they will be following and what they can expect from your feed.

Keyword-based bio

It’s essential to take advantage of relevant industry-targeted keywords to rank higher than your counterparts. By searching for and using some precious few words relevant to your brand and audience, you will likely attract just the followers you are hoping for.

Achievement based bio

Without overdoing it, mentioning some key achievements within your bio can be a real winning formula.

Social spoof based bio

Adding a little sense of humour to your bio can not only foster a rapport with your audience but also increase your likeability and build a level of trust with your followers. Standing out from the crowd using a little bit of humour is always a positive.

Hashtag based bio

If you ensure you do not hashtag stuff, and instead choose one or two really relevant and effective hashtags, this one can really work and increase your searchability.

Cross reference based bio

Do you have multiple accounts on the platform? Perhaps sister company? If so this bio idea could be for you. Show your searcher exactly where they can find your other accounts and you increase your following across your various pages. You can also use this idea to showcase your other social media pages such as Instagram for example.

Emoji based bio

Ok, so we do not mean to purely use emojis here, but if you choose one or two alongside your wording, you can really showcase your personality.

Call-to-Action based bio

The impact of a good CTA can be amazing. Use wording such as “Learn more, Join us, Subscribe here, Install, Follow and Sign up”.

Location based bio

Having a base location on your bio shows your authenticity and builds trust for your followers. This is especially relevant if you have a local business. If there’s no physical place that your customers can actually visit, however, you can simply mention the city within which you’re running your business.

Landing page based bio

You can drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website by including your landing page within your Twitter bio. Remember to use a URL shortener to ensure this looks as concise as possible and doesnt take up too many characters.

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