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How To Make Your TikTok Videos Go Viral

TikTok now has over 1 billion users and became the World's 7th most downloaded app, all within a span of 3years since its release in 2016. No longer just a platform for fun and games, TikTok has now become a serious platform to showcase one's talent and gain followers, earn money, and even stardom.

If you are an influencer looking for new and amazing TikTok ideas to make your videos go viral, then read on, we've got you covered.

Music Videos

Inspiration for viral music videos can be found in the trending section of the app. A common theme of most viral TikTok videos is they tend to be cute and cuddly. As part of music videos, you are required to imitate certain adorable songs by performing their actions either using your hands or by putting your whole body into action. However, you do need to make sure you are one of the frontrunners in terms of covering these songs so that you can find yourself a large captive audience to influence at the earliest.

Dance Videos

Another way to create a lot of influence amongst your followers is by creating dance videos. Make sure it is funny and use the correct hashtags. A short and easy dance always works best and even better if it can be used for a meme.

Tranquill Videos

Calming videos are those where the subject exerts a feeling of calm on the viewer. Think waterfalls, or colour droplets being sprayed from the tip of a brush. Just because it’s a TikTok video doesn’t mean that it has to be over-the-top and loud to gain viral success!

Artistic Videos.

If you are an artist or creative, use this platform to showcase what you can do! The social media platform has many takers for such videos that show the process behind every creative job as it helps give a view into the thought process of an artist. Make sure to add some creative twists to these videos and help them stand out in the crowd.

Singing Object Videos.

This one is silly for sure, but sometimes that is what works the best! Grab any objects around the house, that would pair with the chosen song and film!

Recipe Videos

Fancy yourself as a bit of a chef? Whether you do this professionally or just enjoy a dabble in the kitchen, why not share your cooking videos? The only challenge is fitting the whole thing into one short minute. You can skip the commentary and speed up the video as it will most likely be self-explanatory.

Animal Videos

Creating a cute animal clip is a no brainer. There is really not much you can do wrong here and whatever theme you choose you will be sure to see your views increase! The music needs to be as adorable as they are and use the shots where you get the sincerest reactions to come up with the most interesting clips.

Challenge Videos

Challenge videos normally never fail to go viral. Remember the ice bucket challenge? So, if you are looking to boost your follower base, go ahead and take up a trending challenge and post it on TikTok. You may create your challenge and set trends for others to follow.

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