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How To Create Stunning And Stylish YouTube Backdrops

Guilty of overlooking your YouTube backdrop? Yep, you are so not alone!! With so many elements going into creating YouTube videos, it's easy to execute some of them half-heartedly, or even overlook them entirely. However producing a stylish, effective and low-cost backdrop really isn’t all that difficult, you just need to prioritise and read our how-to guide right now.

The visual components of a video are more important than you'd think. Sure, your viewers are primarily watching your content to see you however you and what you have to say, however, they also want to enjoy what they're looking at, or they're more likely to click away. You will be inviting your viewers into associating a specific aesthetic with your brand and streamlining the look will do nothing but good things for your image and viewers satisfaction.

What is even better is that in actual fact, backdrops are usually budget-friendly and easy to set up. The majority of styles can also be achieved through print or a green screen. So let us show you some awesome backdrop ideas that are totally doable for you and will elevate your channel right away.

1. Solid Color

Let’s start with the easiest one and if you really are pushed for time, this one is a no brainer. All you need to do is pick a colour that represents your brand the best. Remember not to forget to pay attention to its intensity and brightness.

2. Ombre Colors

A little fancier than our first option, but still really quick and easy to do, ombre backgrounds are another safe and simple choice for those who don't want to go all out. You can show off the colour pallet of your brand a little more with this option.

3. Brick Wall

There are many different brick colours, shapes, textures, and sizes, so you're bound to find a brick design that compliments your brand with this safe and effective option.

4. Wood Panels

Similar to the brick, a painted wooden backdrop will look classy and stylish. We especially love whitewash wooden panels, but they can be painted in any colour to fit within your brand’s esthetics.

5. Glitter

Maybe your brand and content should sparkle! If so, you can use glitter fabric (which can be bought online easily enough) which will instantly transform your backdrop.

6. Patterns

This one may not work for all, but if done correctly it can definitely add an elegant and artistic touch. Be sure to use a simple pattern so that you do not get swallowed by your backdrop and your viewers won't get too distracted.

7. Bookshelf

Use darker woods for an academic aesthetic, or whitewashed for a more sophisticated and contemporary look. Remember, you do not actually need real shelves, you can simply print and customise as you see fit.

8. Newspaper

A newspaper aesthetic gives off a vintage vibe, as long as the print isn't too colourful. So, if you have a stack of newspapers, some glue and a wall, this one is a no brainer.

9. Graffiti

This is an attractive art form to incorporate into your videos and could be ab opportunity to showcase a favourite artists work. You can have it painted onto a sheet manually or printed digitally.

10. Wall Decorations

If you have a wall that you're willing to sacrifice to nails and adhesive this is one of the most customizable types of backdrops. Think frames, mirrors, vinyl records, posters, and anything else that can go up on a wall.

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