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How To Create And Manage A Successful LinkedIn Business Page

Every business needs a LinkedIn business page. Fact. It is now essential for marketing your brand and boosting your company's credibility. Whether you do not yet have a LinkedIn Business page, or already do but it needs a bit of attention, then this article will make sure you are taking it from just OK, to superb!

Logo and banner.

You need your page to look good. This sounds simple but many overlook the aesthetics of their LinkedIn business pages. Make sure you show your company logo and a quality banner or cover image that accurately represents your brand.


Be sure to fill out all the relevant fields that will let people know about your business. This includes Tagline, Company "About," Website, Contact Information, and Specialties.

Regular Posts

You need to make sure people see regular, targeted content from you on a regular basis. This will give them a clear reason to visit your page. As well as posting articles, consider status updates, videos, polls, and photos.

More than one Admin

Enlist as much help as you can! Page administrators can mine LinkedIn and your company for content to post. They can also invite people to follow the page and engage.

You might have people within your company who write a regular blog for their own LinkedIn page and want to contribute content to the company's LinkedIn and then share that content to their own profiles. Encourage contributors within your company.

Have a clear strategy.

It can become very overwhelming knowing what to post when you do not have a clear plan. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail as the saying goes. We suggest getting a content calendar. You can then see which holidays are coming up, be aware of the seasons, plan around industry events etc. This will inspire your content and guide you of when and what to post.

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