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How To Best Use Social Media To Boost Your Business.

A huge amount of customer purchases today are directly influenced by social media.  Therefore, it's essential to boost your business by incorporating social media into your marketing strategy.  You can then easily reach out to your existing customers as well as acquiring new ones.

The first step to this is to identify which social media platforms are best for your business.  There is no point in having a presence if your target customer base isn't on a certain platform. Perform a background check to see where your customers are most active and this will help you identify where new customers are likely to be.  After finding the right platform where your current and potential customers are actively engaged, you can post content to keep your audience engaged with your activity. 

The most popular platforms tend to be as follows:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Youtube

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

Each platform has a huge following and which one is best for your business really depends.  If you are a small local artisan delicatessen for example, a mixture of a Facebook business page and Instagram may work best for you. You can use Facebook for connecting with customers and sharing valuable content about your business such as opening hours and updates, and then you can share a stylized visual guide to the many edible treats you are serving via Instagram.  

YouTube tends to be where more creative informative content is posted for businesses and brands such as product tutorials or launches.  If you have an electricals business for example this would be a good platform to show customers how the latest vacuum cleaner you have in stock works.

Twitter is a great platform for delivering micro-information to intended users and prompt customer service in terms of replying to inquiries.

LinkedIn is a network of professionals and can be a very valuable tool for networking.  If you are an entrepreneur or perhaps a recruitment consultant, LinkedIn is essential to your growth. 

Always consider what type of content you really want to be posting too and make sure it is consistent. Always consider these three points before posting:

  • Always post the most relatable content and viral topics

  • Share content that resonates with your audience.

  • Post images or videos that influence buying decisions.

You should also consider how much time you are able to dedicate to your chosen platform(s).  A good strategy may be to outsource activity to a social media manager. You can also outsource engagement to an expert company such as who provides 100% real, safe & secure social media engagements.

Getting your social media strategy on point really is crucial for businesses of any size or industry. Finding and engaging with your customers online will directly increase sales. Make sure you concentrate your efforts on the right platform(s) for your business and watch your profile grow! 

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