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Enhance Your Engagement Rates For More Social Media Success!

Most content creators hear the word “algorithm” and shudder, just a little bit. It is the one crucial aspect of getting their posts actually seen. You can work as hard as you like, but if your posts are not getting viewed, then what is the point? But, how are you supposed to get your content in front of more people without paying for ads? Well, the answer is this - engagement rate. With a good engagement rate, you beat the algorithm, can boost your followers which in tun will give your account the success it deserves. With this in mind, here are the best ways you can enhance your engagement rates

1. Q&A

This is one of the most effective ways of encouraging engagement. We are talking about the question and answer box feature on Instagram Stories. You can use this feature in many ways, such as letting your followers ask you their most burning questions to answer. You can then share your response to stories for your entire audience to view. Or how about using it for a few other ideas such as:

  • Create a fun quiz

  • Ask for content ideas or feedback

  • Ask your audience for recommendations

  • Create a multi-optional poll

2. Use Stories You should ain to be using story features at least once per week as they will significantly increase your engagement. There are so many aspects of this feature that you can use such as:

  • The swipe up feature ( you need at least 10K followers)

  • Promote your latest feed post - make sure no one misses your post by notifying your followers via stories.

  • Use polls

3. Save your very best Story content. Stories only show on your account for 24 hours so make sure you save your very best Story content by adding them to your highlights. Your highlights are posted to the top of your feed 4. Use Live Videos for Real-Time Engagement This is an excellent way to gain real-time engagement. Use live video to:

  • Conduct a question and answer session

  • Make an announcement

  • Conduct free training

  • Share a special event

  • Interview an expert

  • Do a behind the scenes look at your life/work.

You can also use this feature to do a joint live video with another content creator or influencer. This gives the potential for double the interaction. 5. Engage with your audience. Reply to your follower's comments on your posts. It shows your followers that you’ve read and responded, making them more likely to leave comments in the future. You should also like your audience's content, as well as follow hashtags within your niche so that you can easily interact with other users' content. This helps you to attract new users to your account, especially if you’re looking to collaborate with brands. 6. Use Instagram Reels Instagram Reels are highly favoured by the algorithm, helping you to engage with your audience and get seen by other users. Videos on Reels are 15 to 30 seconds long, accompanied by music. Here are a few Instagram Reels ideas you can implement:

  • Tutorials

  • Behind the scenes look

  • Before and after

  • How-to videos

  • Introduce yourself

  • Morning routine

  • Fashion looks

  • Product reviews

  • Food recipe

  • Challenge

  • Keep fit

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