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Engage your LinkedIn Audience With These Awesome Content Ideas

It is estimated that around 260 million users actively use LinkedIn each month to network with professionals and promote their brand. In recent times, LinkedIn has become home to 94% of B2B marketers who use the platform to distribute their content. One of the reasons for this surge in B2B marketing can be contributed to the effective sales conversion the platform brings. 50% of LinkedIn members consider a company or product they have engaged on LinkedIn.

With a huge network of around 760 million users, it’s a no brainer that B2B marketers are flocking to LinkedIn in order to gain access to entrepreneurs and professionals from varied social networks and backgrounds looking to invest in an interesting product or service. Despite this, however, it can take time to gain traction on the platform, especially if you are just starting out.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of our top tips for creating LinkedIn content that will really engage your audience and in turn drive your sales to the max!

Video-based LinkedIn posts

Video-based content can produce quick results and will communicate more effectively with your audience. Think about it, a user can simply click on your video and relax while you talk about your business or the goals associated with it, or you demonstrate a new product or service. This is much easier than scrolling through lines and lines of text.

Image-based LinkedIn posts

This type of creative post for LinkedIn can be used to promote or advertise your brand or business and is also a great way of communicating a certain concept or just expressing yourself. Make your image inspiring or funny, to really grab the attention of your audience.

Go live

This can play a major role in B2B lead generation as people will come in contact with the business owner or a prominent business representative. Promotion involves interaction. Live sessions on social media are a great way to interact with other followers.


One of the simplest ways of encouraging engagement is to ask questions! The questions asked can be silly or even philosophical, depending on the target audience. Question posts are a go-to marketing strategy for LinkedIn marketers. If you think asking more controversial questions is right for your audience, then just remember to refrain from being offensive.

How-to posts

Viewers are more likely to read the post when it has something to offer them instead of an advertisement. How-to posts that are related to more common problems are a plus as more people will stop to read them, which will usually convert into engagement in the form of comments, shares or likes.

Top 10 posts

A simple way to create engagement, use this to talk about whatever inspires you. This could be your Top 10 most influential LinkedIn accounts your followers need to know about or your Top 10 best industry blogs.

Inspiration Posts.

Everyone likes to feel inspired. We have all seen those Insta friendly positivity quotes and love or hate them they do generate engagement. Be sure to add an image alongside your post for maximum impact.

Comparison posts

Ideally, whatever you choose to compare in a comparison post, should be related to your business. Alternatively, you can choose to share the pros and cons of a certain subject that you think your audience may enjoy.

Storytelling Posts.

This is a good way to include a longer text-based post into your strategy. A 100-word story can easily fit into a long LinkedIn post. Be sure to include line breaks strategically to add interest and make the text look easier to read.

Meme Posts.

There is room for a little humour in the world of LinkedIn. This will show you to have a human side to your brand and what’s wrong than wanting to inject a bit of fun into your followers day?

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