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Engage Your Audience With Instagram Reels.

There is no doubt that creating content for Instagram Reels improves your overall performance on the platform. It’s an easy way to really engage your audience in a less saturated way. Stuck for what kind of content to post on Reels? Don’t worry you are not alone, that’s why we have created this article looking at the best ideas to create winning content and really engage your audience using Instagram Reels.

Introduction Post

Filming a Reel where you introduce yourself is a great way to begin to start making a meaningful connection with your audience. Interactions with these kinds of reels are really high so it’s definitely a great place to start. You could include things like your real name if they only know you by your handle, your favourite place, artist or movie. How about what inspires you? This is such a great opportunity for your followers to have a peek behind the curtain and get to know the real you rather than the surface level social media version of you.

How-To Video

Another great Reel idea is the how-to video. Use this to share your tips and tricks of whatever industry you specialise in. You can create a whole series of Reels where you teach your audience whatever you’re good at.

Preview Video

Your audience will love getting to see a glimpse of your next project. This could be a new recipe if you are in the food industry, a new song if you are in music or plans for a new venture.

Behind The Scenes

Remind your followers of your human side behind the brand by showing how you are in real life, behind the scenes. All too often, people get lost in the face value of social media and this is a great way to counteract that. You can be as real as you like, and even show a vulnerable or crazy side to you. Just remember to be authentically you!

Day In The Life

Your followers will absolutely love to see your daily routine and what exactly you get up to on a typical day. Show them how you spend your morning, afternoon and evening. It will make them feel more involved with your life and they will feel like they know you a lot better.

Hopefully, you are now feeling super inspired and ready to up your IG Reels game, creating content that will really engage your followers! Remember, this is an amazing way to market yourself while gaining new followers, making deeper connections and expanding your reach.

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