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Curate a High Impact Twitter Campaign Using These 4 Creative Tips

With a well crafted Twitter campaign, you can inject new life into your online presence, boost your following and elevate brand engagement. By using these 4 creative tips, you can curate a strategy that delivers maximum impact.

1. Create a buzz using group momentum.

A really good example of this was when, back in 2012, Dominos UK launched a Twitter campaign to drop the price of a much-loved pizza by 1p per every 100 tweets seen using the hashtag #letsdolunch. The platform ended up recording over 85K tweets dropping the price from £15.99 to £7.74 for the day. The buzz Dominos created on Twitter was undeniable, teamed with the fact sales of the said pizza went through the roof! Win-win! Think about how you could replicate this in your Twitter strategy, as the success of a campaign often lies in the power of the crowd.

2. Prize giving tweets

This is a really successful technique for a Twitter campaign. By using hashtags and campaign elements that support that specific game theme, Twitter will likely be buzzing with fans eager to win! You could do a pass the parcel type theme for example, and ask your fans to tweet a specific phrase (this could just be your name) and live Tweet you playing music. When the music stops, select the person who has just tweeted your phrase, and voila, they win a prize! You will create a buzz, engagement and see a bunch of happy Tweeters mentioning their wins.

3. Turn a top fan into a campaign idea

Most Brands will have a few fans that are loyal and tend to stick out on social media. Or maybe you simply notice something a fan Tweets and can use this as fuel for a campaign? A good example of this was when a fan tweeted Audi UK #WantAnR8. Audi picked up on this and gifted the fan an Audi R8 for the day filming the experience and Tweeting pictures, videos and updates of the special day. Your audience will love this kind of campaign as it will make them feel like they are heard and also may have an opportunity to be rewarded. Audi then capitalized by asking their fans who else fancied an R8 for the day, asking anyone who was interested to tweet the hashtag #WantAnR8. The result - 200K more followers for Audi UK on Twitter.

4. Align your brand message with popular holidays.

You could use any public holiday that you feel could work with your brand. Valentines Day is a really easy one to get creative with. It can be made to appeal to everyone, not just couples. The Body Shop in the UK launched the #Galentine'sDay campaign back in 2018. They Tweeted “The season of love isn't just about your bae, it's about showing your bestie a little love too! So if you're stuck for what to buy them this Galentine's Day, might we suggest some delicious smelling beauty goodies? Tell us below what will you be gifting your BFF from this lot?” Fans really got on board with this message and used the hashtag in their hundreds of thousands.

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