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Check Out These Six Creative Post Ideas To Help You Build Your Instagram Profile

In order to stand out from the very densely populated crowd on Instagram, it is essential to be creative about what you post and how you design your feed. Creative Instagram posts can not only help promote your brand but will also help to engage a wider audience.

Before we give you our six tips for achieving a creative and engaging Insta presence, firstly have you considered boosting your profile a little faster by using Boost Social to purchase followers, likes and views! This is a sure-fire way of increasing your visibility and exposure which will encourage more people to interact with you and your posts.

Once you have increased your follower, like and view count, you then need to create posts that will encourage engagement. To do this successfully, follow these cleverly curated top tips.

Tutorial Video Posts

An Instagram audience love how-to videos. Use these to demonstrate how to use a certain product, or how to carry out certain activities. For example, how to achieve the perfect yoga move or make the fluffiest cake mixture.

Interview Videos Posts

Interviews are great for audience engagement since you can also hold your interview as an Instagram Live, download it, and then share it as a post. This way you get double the engagement, first from the Live and then from the post. Perfect!

Repost Content From Other Platforms

This is a great way to utilize a cross-section of social media platforms. For example, you can repost a tweet on Instagram which will demonstrate to your followers that you also have a Twitter presence. This may then encourage them to not only engage with you on Instagram but then to follow you on Twitter too!

Ask A Question

This is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of encouraging engagement. Your questions could be related to your brand, you could ask people about what they want to see next. You can also post general questions. It will convey you as friendly and approachable too, as well as caring about what your audience thinks.

“Ask Me Anything” Instagram Stories Posts

This has become very popular on the platform and is where a person or brand will ask their audience to ask them questions that they will then answer within Instagram Stories. Similar to the last tip, this will make you seem very approachable and willing to give followers a peek behind the curtain!

Trending Posts

Posts on trends usually have common hashtags and get a lot of engagement from viewers. However, this lasts as long as the trend is active. Trends are usually short-lived and mark an advancement in whatever field the trend is from, such as cooking. Be sure to pay attention to the top trending hashtags on Instagram to use this for your engagement strategy.

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