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Bring Your Insta A-Game With These 5 Top Tips

With over a billion active Instagram users every month, Instagram has set the benchmark for its competitors. It is therefore no surprise that many businesses are using it to promote their brands online and influence their social media followers. You have at your disposal just the right set of tools and features to increase your audience reach with Instagram. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve your marketing goals using this top social media platform.

Insta Bio

This is usually the first thing users will focus on when they check out your profile.  It, therefore, needs to be on point. You need to provide relevant, engaging information that will help you generate leads and followers. Using emoticons and hashtags will give your viewer an indication of what to expect from your page and you can add links to other social media channels or your Instagram profiles using ‘@’ to increase traffic.


These need to be relevant whenever used. They will increase engagement if used properly so use the “search” icon to discover the trending hashtags relevant to your profile under the “Tags” tab. As well as your posts, you can also use hashtags in your story, captions, and bio to increase social engagement. There is a limit to how many hashtags you can use which is 30, so this will stop you from overusing. 

Instagram Highlights And Stories

Using Instagram stories is one of the coolest features at your disposal.  It will attract maximum engagement results if done correctly. You can add images, cool gifs, links, fancy texts, short video clips, polls, and other engaging features to impact and increase your followers. Stories have visibility of around 24 hours and there are a variety of apps that offer templates to create interactive Instagram stories and posts.

Utilizing the story highlights feature is also a great way of staying connected to your followers as these will stay on your profile for as long as you want them to. 

Interact Via DMs And Comments

This is key to success on Instagram for any business wanting to grow their following. You need to keep a constant interaction and engagement with your followers and prospects. DM’s (direct messages) is an excellent way to do this.  Just make sure that you have your settings turned on to receive messages from all users not just your followers. You can also set custom responses by manually configuring shortcuts to enable auto-replies.

Comments are also a really good place for interaction. You can run a comment campaign where you ask your followers to tag their friends for example under your post. This will increase your exposure to more users and hopefully convert to more followers. 

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads is a dedicated advertising platform that offers marketing solutions to run targeted ad campaigns. It is one of the most effective ways to endorse your profile. You can choose from a variety of formats including photo, story, video, or carousel ads that will all help you boost engagement, followers, gain leads, and potential conversions. You can also connect to your Facebook page or account and run these ads through Facebook’s Ads Manager. 

Hopefully after reading these 5 top tips, you are ready to implement them into your Instagram marketing strategy which should drive results making you absolutely ace your Insta-game!

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