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Boost Your Engagement With These Eight Vlogging Content Ideas

Top YouTube vloggers have millions of subscribers because Vlogging or video blogging is one of the fastest-growing content sharing strategies on the web. One of the main challenges of vlogging is thinking of content that will generate engagement from your viewers.  Here we suggest 8 content ideas to try now that will help you engage your audience:

  1. Try something new!  Sometimes the simplest of strategies work the best. Whether it be sport, make-up, self-help or food try vlogging about something that you have never vlogged about before!  This will show versatility and authenticity that your followers will appreciate. 

  2. Try a tutorial video.  Your followers will love you giving them your expert knowledge in whatever your area of expertise is, and remember in general tutorial videos get tons of views so it is well worth making one for your followers to see

  3. Value your audience by featuring one of them! Why not ask one of your subscribers to feature in a video?  It will show how you appreciate your audience and like to engage with them.  

  4. Do an FAQ video. Most vloggers get sent lots of messages from their subscribers, so why not make an FAQ video where you can answer a bunch of your most asked questions in one place?  This will help you engage new and existing subscribers who want to know more about you.

  5. Make a show and tell vlog. Engage your followers by showing them what's inside your bag or wardrobe!  You will be surprised how many followers you will interest particularly those who have the same stuff or style as your. It’s always fun to share your must-haves and will show a genuine light-hearted side. 

  6. Make a video featuring a trending challenge.  Choose a social media viral challenge, prepare to be silly and have some fun!  Your followers will love to see you take part and will show you are upto date with what's happening in the social media stratosphere. 

  7. Interview somebody.  This could be a fellow influencer, a family member or even a subscriber!  Whoever you choose just make sure you convey what makes that person special so that he or she will have a connection with your audience.

  8. Make a vlog on a serious subject. This one seems particularly relevant with the current pandemic.  Talking about something serious can show a different side to you that followers will appreciate and relate to.  Just make sure it is something that you feel passionately about and speak honestly and from the heart. 

Hopefully by using some of these eight content ideas you will produce vlogs that will really engage your audience.  Make sure you are not only being creative, but authentic and relevant to really connect with your audience.

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