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Awesome Live Stream Ideas To Keep Your Viewers Entertained

Engaging your audience is the number one rule when thinking about live stream. Think of your viewers as more of a community that commit part of their day to watching your stream and they want to be entertained. Changing things up keeps your live streaming engaging and interactive and builds loyalty among your viewers. No matter your niche, interacting with your community is a must! This is why keeping your livestream fresh and engaging is essential. Here we have some awesome ideas for you to try.

Behind the Scenes

This is a great opportunity to show off your streaming setup. This will provide your community with a sneak peek into what it takes to produce a live stream and help them feel more insightful.


This one is a no brainer for interacting with your community. It will help your viewers get to know you better and this will show you as authentic. Just make sure you are prepared with an idea of the questions that you will be asked - either ask for viewers to send them beforehand or write some yourself that you can expand on during the stream.


This may not be the most original idea but hey, it's a successful one that will bring results. Simply connect to a current popular news story, have your say on it and watch the live views ramp up!

Show off a skill

Your viewers will love to learn from you, whether you’ve got great tips on setting up audio for live streaming or you want to share your experience with stream scheduling and brand collaborations.


Collaborating with an influencer or colleague for a live interview will see your views increase for sure. You will not only be engaging your own audience but tapping into the fans of the individual you are interviewing too.


People love quizzes, facts. Make sure you are thoroughly prepared though as executing a quiz in real-time can be tricky. Have the answers ready and make sure you are asking humorous or more simple questions in order to gain the most amount of viewers possible.

Silly challenge.

Think TikTok or Instagram here. People love seeing their influencers take part in challenges, and the sillier the better! Make sure you are tagging onto a popular hashtagged challenge, or create your own and hope it goes viral.

Take your viewers on a date

Ok, so this doesnt have to be a romantic one, but taking your viewers out to your favourite cafe or park can be an awesome idea to help your viewers feel like they are getting to know the authentic you.

Flash Sale

If you have merch, this one is a no brainer. Promote it live in a flash sale. If you have worked hard to develop your products, then give yourself the best possible platform to sell them. Your viewers will love to feel like they are getting a bargain too.


People love getting something at a discount, but they love getting something for free even more! If you host a live giveaway competition you will be sure to see your numbers rocket.


No matter what your niche is, most people are interested in ways to wind down. Why not host a live mindfulness session. This could be a guided meditation or yoga session. Just choose whatever you like to take part in the most at the beginning or end of your busy day.

Now that we have hopefully inspired you with some awesome ideas for your upcoming live streams, let’s take a quick look at what to make sure you avoid when streaming. After all your hard work engaging your audience, the last thing you want is to turn them off with one wrong move.


Consuming alcohol live is usually never a good idea. You risk getting a penalty from the streaming platform as well as potentially embarrassing yourself live.

Spamming another community.

It’s never cool to shamelessly promote your URL on somebody else’s community.

Silence is not always golden.

Especially during a live stream. You need to keep talking to your audience in order to keep them engaged.

Being unprepared.

If you have scheduled a quiz or Q&A but are unprepared, this will look really unprofessional and likely will lose you a chuck of your community.


Toxic gossip on a live stream is a no-no. End of.

Now you have read through our tips for engaging and effective live stream content, we hope you feel refreshed and ready to create.

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