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3 Key Trends And How They Are Changing Digital Video On YouTube

In this article, we examine 3 key trends that are changing digital video. YouTube has identified what they see as the next generation of video and have outlined their plans for 2021 and how these improvements and enhancements will be shaping the platform this year and beyond.

Using Tvs To Watch Again.

Decades ago, the only place for entertainment at home, was the TV. This all changed with the internet, platforms such as YouTube, alongside the invention of tablets and smartphones. This meant people could watch anywhere in the home such as the bedroom or kitchen, whenever they liked. However, there has been a recent shift back to the humble TV! People are now using steaming Apps on their smart-TVs and bringing digital content directly to their living rooms again. Reports suggest that there is a new generation that exclusively watches YouTube on their TV now.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is huge. This trend has surged recently due to the global pandemic and has seen a 44% increase in market shares. YouTube has a huge advertising reach and a recent study found that 70% of YouTube viewers say that they have bought a brand after seeing it on YouTube. With that in mind, YouTube plans to start testing integrated shopping, which will see viewers able to purchase products without leaving YouTube.

Short-Form Content

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are all in on the action here, with pioneering the short-form video. Youtube is now planning and testing its own short-form endeavour in India to huge success. More recently, the platform has launched the beta of Shorts in the USA. This feature introduces a range of creation tools for short, fun videos including a multi-segment camera, the ability to record with music, speed controls, plus a timer and a countdown feature to record from afar.

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